Sports liability InsuranceSports liability Insurance

In the past, insurance coverage for Sports Camps, Clinics and Tournaments was either too costly, too limited or not available at all. Schools, coaches and directors were either forced to pay extremely high insurance premiums, or to run camps and clinics without the proper insurance protection, therefore running the risk of personal exposure to lawsuits or a participants injury claim.

Eaton Insurance Agency can find you coverage's to include:

  • Accident Insurance which pays the medical bills of an injured player, coach or volunteer worker.
  • Liability Insurance provides protection against claims of bodily injury liability, property damage liability, personal and advertising injury liability and the litigation costs to defend against such claims.
  • Inland Marine Coverage Equipment coverage for all owned or rented sports equipment.
  • Additional optional coverage's include coverage of sexual abuse and/or molestation, hired and non-owned automobile liability coverage and additional limits of liability coverage to satisfy the requirements of venues, school or park districts.

Coverage can be used in

Martial Arts

Martial Arts allows students both young and old to learn self defense, discipline, enlightenment, coordination as well as many other qualities. Participation though, may also result in accident and injury. Many families have little or no medical insurance, and those who have coverage may be required to meet large deductibles before their insurance pays any benefits. In addition, studio owners run the risk of personal exposure to lawsuits through a participant's injury claim and liability insurance requirements mandated by lenders or landlords.

This Specialty Insurance Program for Martial Arts Schools and Studios is designed to help eliminate the financial and emotional burden one can incur as a result of a lawsuit or participant injury claim. Accident and liability insurance coverage is offered as a standard product with optional coverage's also available such as equipment, hired and non owned automobiles and additional higher liability insurance limits.

Gymnastics & Cheer Squads

These programs are designed for gymnastics schools/clubs specializing in the instruction of gymnastics, tumbling, cheer leading/dance and related programs. Coverage provided includes important liability protection for the school/club including its employees and volunteers, for liability claims arising out of its operations.

Additionally, ask us about coverage for birthday parties at these locations

Local League Sports

Local league sports, like softball, basketball, volleyball, bowling, soccer, dodge-ball, football, and more can be incredibly rewarding for the individual and for the community. Protect yourself, your employees and community volunteers from the possible liability claims that can result from unexpected incidents that could occur during operations sponsored by your organization.

Personal Trainers

Most gyms have some degree of coverage, but you might be surprised to find that an accident in a gym can cover the gym but not the personal trainer. Protect yourself in and out of court with sports or athletic liability insurance.

Sport Events

Planning a community 5k run? Hosting a friendly tournament with a neighboring community's softball league? Amateur events can have special short term coverage for the duration of the event. Ask also about spectator insurance for these special events

Paintball Facilities

Because of the very physical nature of paintball and the very real possibility of projectile based injury, liability insurance is a must.

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